European Student Exchanges

In line with its international mission, the school has been organising student exchanges with other European schools for several years. Students can choose between short and long-term exchanges but in both cases pupils stay with a family in the host country.

Long-term exchanges

In long-term exchanges, students spend from one to three months at our partner schools in Sweden, France, Germany, the Netherlands or Italy. Students from third-year ESO (compulsory secondary education) with good academic performance who wish to learn or improve the language of the host country are able to apply.

Students are accommodated by a family in the host country, while the host family’s child stays with the visiting child’s family. During the stay abroad, the idea is to integrate in the school, family and social life as far as possible, which includes accepting and abiding by the rules and regulations. The same is expected of students coming to Spain.

Short-term exchanges

These are two-week exchanges. Our students travel to another country for one week, and the students from that country come to Spain for a week.

The programme includes cultural visits, taking part in normal school life, attending events and participating in sports. Most important of all, however, is the opportunity to share experiences with a foreign student and his or her family, and to take part in the customs and habits of the country visited. Students usually communicate in English, which leads to a better general level.

Economic cost

In the case of both short and long-term exchanges, the additional costs for parents are minimal and amount to little more than airfares.

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