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Today we have understood the importance of working and developing the talents and skills of our children at an early age to get them to be what they set out to be when they grow up. This stage is also essential for language learning in a natural way.

That is why it is a priority to take advantage of the best age of our children, Preschool Education, to make them be the architects of their own talent, and so our FIP – FUTURE IN PROGRESS Programme is born.

Our FIP Preschool Education Programme

Our Preschool Education Project is developed in English and Spanish and is based on the development of five active principles that make learning possible.

It is of great importance that these principles be activated and exercised at an early age, as they constitute the structure on which we build our lifelong character and skills.

Without systematic and harmonious development of children at these ages, the educational and personal future of students is put at risk.

These principles are based on the executive functions of the brain that are “complex cognitive processes necessary for planning, organizing, guiding, revising, regulating, and evaluating behaviour necessary to adapt effectively to the environment and to achieve goals» (Bauermeister, 2008). That is, they are necessary to be able to carry out ALL day-to-day activities and behaviours properly and throughout life.

They are essential for success and it is a priority to work with them from childhood as not all of them are innate and require their early education.

FIP Programme - 5 Active Principles

1. MIND FIT The Thinking Based Learning (TBL) programme ensures the acquisition of superior critical and creative thinking skills, creating essential structures for any facet of life.
My Ethos

Recognition and building one’s identity. It must be built on solid foundations that sustain emotional and behavioural regulation. This will enable them to interact and work with others in a cooperative and mutually effective manner.

Challenging Mind

Living in a multicultural environment such as that of our School creates the necessary background to exercise habits of the mind such as: resilience, collecting data with all the senses, creating, imagining and innovating, practicing active and empathetic listening, communicating accurately and remaining open to continuous learning. The important decisions they will make in their lives will largely depend on the skills acquired in these habits.

Solution Provider
4. SOLUTION PROVIDER Our entire educational program is continually nourished by pedagogical proposals that develop divergent thinking. It is a process of exploration and experimentation of various contexts and problems, training them to solve them by generating creative ideas.
Flowing Disposition

We accompany our students so that they are optimally involved, enjoy and interested in their homework. We encourage them to set higher goals every time and to minimize distractions, which is essential to establish the perception of their challenges, skills, goals and autonomy.

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