Secondary Education

We educate competent citizens

Children in the secondary school level benefit from a significant increase of school hours, with more than 200 hours annually, giving time for enrichment programmes in several areas of knowledge.

During this stage, and through cooperative work, we work on more sophisticated critical and creative thinking skills (problem solving, decision-making, reliability of the sources of information and coherency). Oral presentations, a common classroom activity, enables them to develop effective communication skills.

The international project is based partly on language learning, continuing with Spanish and English, and adding French from the first year of Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO). These achievements are certified with official examinations from the University of Cambridge, l’Alliance Française and the Instituto Cervantes. Long-term and short-term exchange programmes with partner European schools during the school year give excellent support to these linguistic objectives, as well as motivating pupils, not only to learn languages, but to develop their European citizenship and boost their independence and self-confidence.

Secondary students take part in the European Erasmus Programme in collaboration with schools and colleges in other countries. It is at this stage that they are able to start the Dual Baccalaureate consisting of the Spanish qualification and US “High School Diploma”.

All these experiences, which benefit their education, are included in the student’s ‘school life record’, a document received at the end of their school years, which is taken into consideration by universities the world over.

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