The Lope de Vega International School debuts as a publishing house and publishes its first book

The Lope de Vega International School makes its debut as a publishing house and publishes its first book “El Camino de la Devoción”. This moving biography immerses readers in the life of “Mother Adoration”, aunt and mentor of founder of the College, Juan Fuster Zaragoza. From the Cuban War to the post-war period, the narrative offers a unique insight into key historical events, such as the dictatorship of Primo de Rivera, the Second Republic and the Civil War.

Presentation of the book

The presentation of the book marks the beginning of the commemorative events of the Juan Fuster Zaragoza Centenary, which began on 3 January with a Mass, presentation and fraternal meal at the Congregation of the Sisters of Christian Doctrine.

In addition, on 13 January, Don Vicente Fuster, head of the College, met with Pope Francis in a private audience in Rome to present him with the book and give him a copy. Thus “The Way of Devotion” is recorded in the Vatican library.

Vicente Fuster presents the book El camino de la devoción to Pope Francis.

The Centenary events are scheduled to be completed in September, the month of the founder’s birth. These events will add another milestone in the history of the College.

Points of sale, solidarity fundraising

For those interested in this moving novel, the book is available from the College Bookshop and Reception. All funds will go entirely to Caritas Benidorm. It can also be purchased in the parishes of Marina Baixa, thus contributing to different charitable works chosen by the parishes themselves.

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