Pre-registration tutorial Summer Campus 2023

STEPS TO FOLLOW TO PRE-REGISTER (For families who are not yet members of the school)

Please read carefully all the steps in this tutorial before you start filling out the pre-registration form.

Notice: The payment of the registration fee implies the reservation of the student’s place. The amount of the receipt will not be refunded, except in duly justified causes and as long as the cancellation is requested before the beginning of the Summer Campus activities.

Step 1: Complete the pre-registration form. It is recommended to do it on a computer.
IMPORTANT: You must fill out a pre-registration form for each child you want to enroll in the Summer Campus. The parent’s information must be the same for each pre-registration.
Step 2: Select a language. By default the form will load in Spanish, but you can also choose English.
Step 3: In the section 1 Student Application mark the EXTRA Level (Extracurricular) where we can find the different Summer Campuses.
Step 4: In the section Course we deploy the different options by clicking on the + sign of CV-Summer Campus.
Step 5: Mark the Summer Campus in which we want to make pre-registration.
NOTE: In this same section you can select the dining and transportation services.
Step 6: Then click on the next button to go to the next section of Student Data.
Step 7: Fill in the mandatory student data along with the address data.
Step 8: Click on the Next button to go to the Tutor Data section.
Step 9: Fill in all the mandatory data of the first guardian (parent)
Step 10: Fill in optionally the data of the second guardian (father/mother).
Step 11: In the next section the bank details are requested. This is NOT NECESSARY because the payment of the services will be made in our online store by debit/credit card.
Step 12: In the last step we will have to indicate in the observations field the fortnight or month in which you are interested (1st fortnight of July, 2nd fortnight of July, full month of July, 1st fortnight of August, 2nd fortnight of August, full month of August) and the bus stop in case you need this service.
If all fields have been filled in correctly, this screenshot will appear.
Once the pre-registration has been processed by the school secretary, an email will be sent with instructions on how to access our online store and purchase the Summer Campus services. Please check your SPAM folder in case the email arrives there.