Solidarity, conviviality and joy at Christmas in the Lope de Vega

Solidarity, conviviality and joy at Christmas in Lope de Vega. This December, the school has been immersed in a spiral of joy and solidarity with a series of Christmas events: workshops, markets, decorations, Three Wise Men, which have actively involved our entire educational community;

Christmas week

The week of 18-22 December the whole school enjoyed a complete Christmas programme. There have been Christmas slogans, street markets, workshops of collaborating families, sports activities, solidarity activities, musical and dance performances, Three Kings and the traditional chocolatada on 22 December;

Christmas card competition

The school started the Christmas season with the Christmas card competition (the school’s own and the one held by Benidorm Town Hall); There were four winners of the institutional postcard competition. Among them, Anna Leonenko from 6th grade Primary A, has been selected for the image of the institutional postcard. The winners:

  • Olivia Giurumescu Gutierrez, 2º B Primary
  • Alena Neshta, 4º A Primary
  • Anna Leonenko, 6º A Primary
  • Kseniia Podkolzina, 6ºB Primary

Anna Leonenko was also a prize winner in the Benidorm Town Hall competition.

We leave you a compilation of the Christmas of Lope de Vega 2023 with many moments of magic and conviviality.

Solidarity Christmas campaign

With the Christmas solidarity campaign our school contributes to alleviate the needs of people through institutions committed to the improvement of our society at a global level. Our students, through different activities, develop the values of solidarity, commitment and empathy; basic in their personal and collective growth.

The funds raised, a total of 3.661€, have been mainly used to support Rafiki’s Solidarity Project with our Rafiki-Carmen Pérez González School in Uganda. This figure has been obtained thanks to the collaboration of all the families and staff of the school:

  • Solidarity markets: for the enjoyment of the Infant and Primary stage, carried out with the collaboration of the Administration Training Cycles;
  • Sports activities: aimed at Primary, Secondary and Baccalaureate students, carried out in part with the collaboration of the Sports Training Cycles;
  • Solidarity cinema: the Infants, Primary and 1st and 2nd ESO enjoyed a Christmas cinema session with a symbolic entrance fee of 1€;
  • Euro Marathon’: on 15 December, a large drawing was set up and the different classes, guided by their tutors and the older pupils, “coloured in” with the contribution of 1€;
  • Christmas raffle: on 21st December the traditional Christmas hamper raffle was drawn and the winner was Mª José Sánchez, a collaborating mum from 4th Primary.
  • Lottery tickets
  • Second-hand books: we had a collection and subsequent sale of second-hand books;
  • Collection of food and basic products: a contribution of food has been made to Caritas Benidorm to increase its food fund at this time of year, as well as an extraordinary shipment of products to ACOMAR (Community Association of Marginalised People of Alicante).

LDV Youth Solidarity Club

The LDV Solidarity Youth Club has also developed actions with a strong solidarity and Christmas character.

4th Year Primary brought the spirit of these dates to the children’s oncology classroom at Alicante General Hospital. They decorated rooms and corridors with festive decorations, including drawings and greetings from our youngest students; They also carried out a reading activity and a workshop where they created their own Christmas trees;

In another solidarity activity, our 1st and 2nd ESO students created special moments with the elderly of the Residencia de Ancianos de Foietes. The pupils lovingly read the letters and greetings they brought, sang Christmas carols with the residents and shared the joy of these days by dancing to Christmas songs that lit up the hearts of both generations;

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