Bishop Munilla visits the Lope de Vega in a meeting of reflection and spiritual commitment

Bishop Munilla visits the Lope de Vega in a meeting of reflection and spiritual commitment; In January the school was honoured to receive the long awaited pastoral visit which consolidated the links between the educational institution and the Catholic Church;

Interview carried out by the students

During his stay, the Bishop Munilla actively participated in an interview conducted by the Religion students of the Centre, addressing issues of religious and educational relevance. In this regard, he stressed the importance of the institution of the family; This meeting is part of the school’s commitment to the integral formation of its students, seeking to provide them with enriching experiences and fundamental values;

Agreement with the Bishopric

It is important to note that Lope de Vega International School has a valuable agreement with the Bishopric, facilitating religious activities through the school chaplain; In addition, this collaboration underlines the Institution’s commitment to the spiritual development of its members;

Well-being, kindness and solidarity

Bishop Munilla’s presence at the College not only enriched the spiritual environment, but also strengthened the connection between the educational community and the Church; In this sense, Munilla highlighted the importance of the attitudes and skills concerning well-being, kindness and solidarity.

The activities related to Bishop Munilla’s visit were attended by the Primary Religion students, the Seniors, and volunteer students from Secondary and Baccalaureate.

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