Ready for the 21st century

During the two Baccalaureate course years, students achieve the highest level of the required skills.

Within the International Project they can take part in short- and long-term exchange programmes in European partner schools during the school year, as well as participating in the European Erasmus + Programme. This helps them to achieve their language objectives, which consist of achieving a level C1/C2 in English, a B2/C1 in French and a C2 in Spanish. These achievements are certified with official diplomas from the University of Cambridge, l’Alliance Française and the Instituto Cervantes.

Students also have the option of studying the Baccalaureate/High School Diploma (Humanities and Social Sciences or Health Sciences and Technology). They may also obtain the Dual Spanish-US Baccalaureate, which opens the doors of the world’s best universities. These courses can start in the second year of Secondary Education and are tutored from the United States.

All these experiences, which complement their education, are included in the student’s ‘school life record’, a document received at the end of their time at our school which is taken into consideration by universities all over the world.

We currently have several students who are pursuing their university studies abroad, both in the United States and in different countries of the European Union.

Their results are proof of the efficacy of our educational programme. A high percentage of students enrolled in 2nd year Baccalaureate (about 85%) pass their University access tests the first time, achieving 100% approval. Between the first and the second call, more than 90 per cent of students enrolled in the College successfully complete the tests, which allows them to access their first choice of university studies.

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