Boarding School

A family environment to encourage excellence

The Colegio Internacional Lope de Vega Boarding School aims to cover students’ needs in the many situations that may occur during a child’s education and which have an impact on learning, ensuring a well-rounded, personalised education. Your confidence in our experience based on the experiences of dozens of students who have achieved success in boarding school programme is crucial. A programme like this one can be the difference between your child’s success or failure at school and your family’s peace of mind.

The Boarding School offers accommodation during term time, including weekends, and also during the summer months, meaning that boys and girls can enjoy our25,000 m² of facilities almost year round.

Students have two to three hours a day of tutored learning with educators, fostering work habits and routines.

They receive five meals a day (breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner), to ensure that all their dietary needs are met.

The Residence consists of double rooms with fully-equipped bathrooms. All the rooms have windows and are heated and air conditioned. They have recently been refurbished.

During their free time, boarders have access to a TV room, a games area, computers, a gym, swimming pool and sports facilities.