Boarding School

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The Lope de Vega International School boarding school seeks to respond to the different situations that may arise throughout the school stage and that affect learning, guaranteeing a comprehensive and personalized education.

The trust and experience based on dozens of students who have been educated in our residence can be crucial and make the difference between the success or failure of their children’s school life and the peace of mind of the family.

The boarding school offers accommodation during the whole school term, including weekends and also during the summer months, which allows you to enjoy our 25,000 m² of facilities, including our very complete Sports Schools, practically all year round.

Tutored and personalized study


It is a tutored study always supervised by educators who encourage habits and work routines in the student.

The schedule varies according to the educational stage in which the student is, being 3 hours in the afternoon in the 2nd cycle of ESO and Bachillerato, and 2 hours in the 1st cycle of ESO, extendable according to their needs.

Personalized attention is a differentiating feature of our Residence, where the aim is not only for the student to study but also to internalize techniques that will help him/her to face his/her studies with guarantees.

This ensures maximum performance in order to form competent and enterprising people.

Adapted rooms


The boarding school has single and double rooms with full bathrooms. All of them are exterior, are acclimatized with heating and air conditioning and have been recently renovated.

As for services, the rooms include daily cleaning and bed linen and towels that are changed weekly.

In order to promote the rest of the inmates, again we try to encourage a routine, establishing a schedule of arrival to the room and sleep, in addition to having surveillance throughout the night.

Recreational spaces


The food consists of five meals a day (breakfast, brunch, lunch, snack and dinner), which ensures that the student’s needs are covered. We are very demanding in terms of food quality and these are our values:

• Local product
• Local recipes
• Trained and experienced staff
• Menus supervised and evaluated by expert dieticians and nutritionists.
Mediterranean Diet
• Quality controls through audits and analyses.
• Menus made in the same kitchen of the school

The school has 25,000 m2 of facilities including a complete sports complex, located in a privileged area of Benidorm, 1,500 metres from the sea;

Sport is one of the pillars of our Educational Project, which promotes the integral education of pupils and seeks their personal maturity;

For leisure time, the interns also have a TV room, games area, computers, gymnasium and swimming pool. Teachers and staff in charge of the different services work to create a family atmosphere in which students feel at home;

In addition, various leisure activities are organised, such as: conferences, workshops, handicrafts, cinema, hiking, cultural excursions and sports competitions;

The school offers as an extra service the boarding of students also during the weekends, attending to the needs of each family as well as the particular needs of the student;

With the exception of three periods a year when it is closed (Christmas, Easter and Benidorm Fiestas), the rest of the weekends the boarding school combines study and leisure and socio-cultural outings;

Daily schedule


  • 08:00: Get up and clean up. Clean up the room
  • 08:30: Breakfast
  • 09:00: Start of classes
  • 10:45: Brunch
  • 13:00: End of morning classes
  • 14:00: Lunch
  • 15:00: Afternoon classes start
  • 17:00: End of afternoon classes. Rest in the room
  • 17:30: Snack
  • 18:30: Study time
  • 20:30: End of study time
  • 20:35: Dinner
  • 21:00: Leisure and free time. Optional study
  • 22:00: Rest in the room
  • 07:00: Get up and clean up. Clean up the room
  • 07:30: Breakfast
  • 08:00: Start of classes
  • 10:45: Brunch
  • 14:00: End of classes for formative cycles
  • 15:00: End of classes for Secondary and Baccalaureate. Lunch and rest in the room
  • 16:30: First study
  • 17:30: Snack
  • 18:30: Second study
  • 20:35: Dinner
  • 21:00: Leisure and free time. Optional study
  • 22:00: Rest in the room
  • 09:00: Get up and clean up. Clean up the room
  • 09:30: Breakfast
  • 10:00: Study
  • 11:30: Rest
  • 12:00: Study
  • 14:00: Lunch
  • 14:30: Rest in the room
  • 15:30: Leisure and free time (cultural outing)
  • 20:30: Dinner
  • 21:00: Leisure and free time. Optional study
  • 22:30: Rest in the room

Daily Rate


complementary sevices
• canteen 141€
• book of 22 dining room tickets 198€
• 1 dining room ticket 9€
student residence
• student residence 754€
• 1 day student residence 46€
• weekend supplement 501€
• 1 day student residence weekend and holidays 93 €
• supplement single room 126€
• deposit student residence 754€

BENIDORM 87,65€ 62,65€ 40,00€ VILLAJOYOSA 97,65€ 71,65€ 50,00€ 50,00€
ALTEA 97,65€ 71,65€ 50,00€ BENISSA 177,65€ 131,65€ 60,00€
ALBIR 92,65€ 67,65€ 40,00€ INTERNAL 67,65€
CALPE 177,65€ 131,65€ 60,00€

* Prices for the 2019-20 course Soon we will provide you with the prices for the course 2020-21

• Second sibling in the school: 5% discount.
• Third sibling in the school: 30% discount.
• Fourth and subsequent siblings in the school: 100% discount.
These bonuses are NOT applied to the concept of RESERVATION OF PLACE.
The bonuses will be applied to the youngest sibling enrolled and so on in sequence.
In the case of students who attend a training cycle, these bonuses will be applied to this education.

• 9% if payment is made before February 29th.
• 6% if payment is made from March 1st to June 20th.
• 3% if payment is made from June 21 to August 15.

The cost of the school year for tuition is divided into an annual payment as a reservation fee and 10 monthly payments due on the 1st of each month, from September to June, both months included The monthly payments will be paid by direct debit.
Once the school place has been formalized and granted, there will be no refund of the amount paid for the Place Reservation.