At Lope de Vega International School we assume the commitment to provide the necessary means so that all our students achieve the traits described in the exit profile of the student body.

This profile is the set of life skills that are achieved thanks to the deployment of our Educational Project and the involvement of all members of the educational community.

They have an excellent command in oral and written comprehension of Spanish, C1 for English and Valencian, B1 for French. As well as a great command of public speaking and oral expression in public. All this, with a global vision and open mind, respecting the diversity of cultures, religions and ideologies to achieve a more just and inclusive society.

With a spirit of collaboration and participation and a high sense of belonging that allows them to work adequately in heterogeneous groups.

Making an appropriate and responsible use of technology, being disciplined, persistent and efficient, which makes them aware of their own talent and able to generate motivation to achieve their goals and put them at the service of the common good.

They defend their point of view from a coherent argumentation, they know how to make decisions and solve problems/conflicts developing superior strategies of critical and creative thinking that drives them to ethical and sustainable actions.

With the ability to perform adequately in different life situations.
Generate new and valuable ideas and master information and communication technologies to apply them appropriately to their life and work, as tools for the development of their entrepreneurial spirit and artistic sensibility.

With the ability to generate positive mental patterns (persistence, frustration control, open-mindedness,…) that lead them to be: empathetic and emotionally intelligent, assertive, coherent and responsible for their actions, positive and with a sense of humor, capable of managing their successes and failures.

Internalize and implement environmentally friendly practices and have a sustainable behavior with the environment, through knowledge of their natural and social reality, in order to be supportive and respect the life of living beings on the planet, contributing to its sustainability and perdurability.

With the capacity to lead a healthy life, being able to take care of themselves and others from a holistic point of view, keeping in harmony physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health.

They use sport as an effective tool for the integral development of the person.

According to Christian-humanistic values and the basic virtues recognized by all cultures: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance and transcendence, with a strength of character modeled on the acceptance and inclusion of these virtues.

They are able to select reliable sources and master the higher skills of complex thinking.

At the same time, they know how to use the scientific method, philosophical thinking and artistic inspiration, building a strong personal identity that equips them with valuable life skills.



The Innovation Department conducts a constant work of prospecting, analysis, research and implementation of the most effective and motivating methodological systems.

An effort that translates into the implementation of programs of innovative activities and projects, as well as the design of innovative didactic activities recognized by external institutions.

Innovation is part of the DNA of Lope de Vega International School. This is one of the strategic axes of the organization and an aspect that its members have kept alive, from generation to generation, since its foundation.

Thanks to the work of Innovation, the School has developed and/or implemented didactic programs with high impact and effective results:

  • TBL Thinking Based Learning.
  • Future in Progress Programme.
  • ERASMUS+ International Project
  • Curricular Project adapted to High Performance athletes.
  • Methodological Innovation in the Logical-Mathematical area.
  • Edition of innovative educational materials in the areas of Language, Valencian and French.
  • International Experimental Science Project “Energy in Europe”.
  • Emotional Intelligence Program, NLP projects, Public Speaking programs, etc.