The Lope de Vega finalist in the Debating Tournament of the Illustrious College of Economists of Alicante

The Lope de Vega has been a finalist in the 2nd edition of the Ilustrísimo Colegio de Economistas de Alicante.

In the current context, can the economy be inclusive?

During the 20th and 21st of November, the II edition of the Economy and Finance Debate Tournament was held at the headquarters of the Alicante College of Economists; The topic of debate on this occasion was: “In the current context, can the economy be inclusive?” A complex and highly topical subject that the students of the school have been able to prepare with great interest and enthusiasm;

El equipo del Lope de Vega

The team formed by Nahir Baides, Alesia Filip, Víctor Marinero and Jimena Soria, together with their trainer and Economics teacher, Ana Todolí, have been in charge of representing the Lope de Vega; They have done so with great elegance, poise and interventions on a par with those of great finalists;

Public speaking and debate

The extra-curricular “Public speaking and debating” activity at the Centre is one of the school’s flagships. As a result, students acquire a high level of competence in oral expression, public speaking, persuasion and content structuring, among other skills;

LDV Debating Tournament

As well as participating in numerous national debating tournaments, the Lope de Vega International School organises its own tournament; Last year, the third edition of the conference was held on price regulation in the face of inflation;

In the last edition of the LDV Debating Tournament, the winners the students of Colegio Arenas Atlántico from the Canary Islands after facing Colegio San Agustín from Alicante, who finally came second.

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