The Lope de Vega school inaugurates Benidorm’s patron saint festivities

The Lope de Vega school opens Benidorm’s patron saint festivities with the Representation of the Alba and the launching of a traca. It also houses the chapel of the Virgen del Sufragio, patron saint of the municipality;

Representation of the Alba

On the 9th of November, the students who have been Reinas y Damas de las fiestas patronales de Benidorm, carried out the Representación del Alba in the school playground, under the gaze of their classmates.

This representation tells the story of how in 1740 the residents of Benidorm were surprised by the arrival on their beaches of a londro that had sailed there without a crew The cause of the crew’s disappearance was believed to be the plague, and this instilled fear The authorities, after discussions and consultations, decided to burn the ship It was set on fire without removing anything When the flames were extinguished, the children searched for nails and irons in the ash and found “intact and resplendent” an image of the Virgin with the Child Jesus in her arms, which the ship had brought on its stern.

In addition to the school’s Religion students, members of the La Barqueta Cultural Association, which is responsible for promoting and maintaining the traditions of the municipality, were also present

Launch of the traca

After the Alba Performance, a fireworks display was held at the entrance to the College, next to the bust of the founders The Children were also accompanied to the area to enjoy kicking off our local festivities with this very traditional element of our culture: the pyrotechnic elements.

Our Lady of Suffrage

It is worth mentioning that, for this edition of Benidorm’s patron saint festivities, the College has been given a great honour: to host the Virgen del Sufragio in its chapel During the night of 9 November, the image of the patron saint slept in the Lope de Vega thanks to the cession of the Association of La Barqueta

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