This is how Halloween is celebrated at an international school and UNESCO School

This is how Halloween is celebrated in an international school and UNESCO School! As a public school that hosts more than 32 nationalities, we choose to celebrate some dates linked to the tradition of our town, Benidorm; and others considered part of the intangible heritage at international level.

If last year Halloween was celebrated in the Infant Stage, extending to the Primary Stage; this year the School has gone even further and has involved, to varying degrees, Secondary, Baccalaureate and Cycles. It was a terrifying but very fun Halloween, celebrated as a community.

Special mention should be made of the TSEI (Higher Technician in Early Childhood Education) and the TGA (Technician in Administrative Management) and TSAF (Higher Technician in Administration and Finance) cycles, which organised workshops and activities for Primary and Infant Education.


As a UNESCO School, the College seeks to keep alive cultural traditions considered part of the intangible heritage. For this reason, and because of the marked internationality of the Lope de Vega, Halloween is proposed within the bilingual project of the centre (Spanish and English) as a close and fun activity.

The festival also has a remarkable historical character. The origin of Halloween dates back to the 9th century when Pope Gregory IV established the feast on 1 November. Over time, the celebration extended to the night before, known as “All Hallows Eve”, and that name evolved into Halloween.

Administration Vocational Training

This year, in addition, the Administration Training Cycles, TGA (Administrative Management Technician) and TSAF (Higher Technician in Administration and Finance) have joined the celebration. The students of these intermediate and advanced vocational training courses carried out activities for primary school that reinforced their event organisation and management skills. In addition, through the English subject, they prepared storytelling activities for the youngest children, working not only on language, but also on oral skills and public speaking.

“Encanto” in its Halloween version by TSEI

Thanks to the more than positive collaboration that the Infant Stage carries out with the students of the TSEI cycle (Higher Technician in Infant Education), the little ones enjoyed the most magical Halloween set in “Encanto”. As can be seen in the following video, “The fantastic world of Encanto” was the protagonist of the activities that the TSEI students developed during more than a month of work so that the Infant pupils had a “scary” time.. In addition, as usual, the entire circuit was designed in English.. Likewise, in the Infant School, different activities related to Halloween were programmed throughout the week, such as cooking workshops, sensory activities, storytelling…

Infant, Primary and Secondary Activities

In addition to the incredible work carried out by Infants and TSEI, there is also the work done by Primary. Decoration of classrooms and corridors, themed lunch, group dynamics, making costumes, songs, dances… all always using English as the vehicular language.

The celebration was rounded off with a parade, including a red carpet, for Infants, Primary and part of Secondary to share their Halloween costumes; The invaluable collaboration of the families made it possible for there to be some truly remarkable costumes, as can be seen in the following gallery of images.

Healthy food Project

Primary 3 students took advantage of Halloween to finish their learning project “Healthy food and its benefits”, a cross-curricular project in English and Science.

They learned what healthy food is, what types of food are considered healthy and why, its importance and benefits.

To conclude the project, they set up their own ‘Master Chef’ in the classroom and prepared “terrifying” recipes with fruit and vegetables.

Haunted houses exhibition

“Haunted houses exhibition” is the name given to the project developed by students from 2nd to 6th grade of Primary School on the occasion of Halloween.

With recycled elements, the pupils have built really scary models and sets. The inauguration took place on 31 October and the whole school was able to enjoy a terrifying artistic experience.

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