A living school, improvements to facilities, academic year 2023-24

Lope de Vega International School is a lively school in many ways, including in terms of facilities. Year after year, since the school was inaugurated in 1956, the facilities have been transformed to respond to the needs of its students and to adapt to the new times and their requirements.

Naturally, improvements have also been made for this academic year 2023-24. From the renovation of the paddle courts or the school canteens, to the creation of two secondary school classrooms, the improvement of the playgrounds with new shaded areas or the cooling of the pavilion. In addition, a complete installation of photovoltaic panels has been carried out for the sustainability of the Centre.

Renovation of the paddle courts

Padel is one of the sports played at Lope de Vega International School. Both in Physical Education classes and as an extracurricular activity and federated sport as part of the LDV Sports Club. The classes are given by Costa Tennis, an academy based at the school. The supervision, maintenance and renovation of our sports facilities is essential to ensure their quality.

Two new secondary school classrooms

Two new secondary classrooms have been opened for the 2023-24 school year. The building has been extended to accommodate them. This gives our students more space.

The new classrooms are very bright as they have windows on both sides. In addition, they are equipped with all the necessary technology and furnishings; brand new.

Installing photovoltaic panels, a sustainable school

With the aim of becoming an increasingly sustainable school, new photovoltaic panels have been installed to supply energy to the whole school. This significantly reduces its carbon footprint due to CO2 savings. 

After monitoring the energy savings that this improvement is bringing about, it has been found that at times the school is able to sustain itself solely on solar energy.

The installation of the photovoltaic panels is in addition to the aerothermal system that was installed last year for the new heating system of the swimming pool. Aerothermal pool heating is a highly efficient system that achieves savings of up to 60% compared to traditional systems. Moreover, it is a renewable energy, as it does not emit CO2 into the atmosphere and does not depend on the international energy market as is the case with natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Renovation of canteens

Lope de Vega has two school canteens which were recently renovated. However, this year improvements have been made again in both its facilities and its service. The menus, which are prepared by expert nutritionists, can be consulted on our website.

New shaded areas and cooling systems

Due to the fact that last school year we experienced some of the highest temperatures ever recorded in the area, improvements have been implemented for this new school year.

On the one hand, awnings have been installed to provide shade in the playgrounds of the nursery and primary school (mini-tennis area). In addition, artificial turf has been installed which allows children to play on the ground thanks to its fireproof fibres that dissipate heat.

In addition, fans have been installed throughout the pavilion to cool the pavilion both when it is used for sports and for school events.

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