More than 40 future swimmers in the Lope de Vega Swimming Club

The educational centre has a dozen federated sports for competition;

More than 40 future swimmers at the Lope de Vega International School Swimming Club; All of them came to the school to celebrate a promising start to the season;

In the meeting held last Saturday 30th October, the new equipment for the members of the Lope de Vega Swimming Club was handed out; This marks the start of the season; In total almost fifty boys and girls from different categories make up this Swimming Club for the competition, which this year faces its second season three the debut from last academic year.

According to their coach, Geovany Díaz Medina, “at the moment we have 40 members and this season is shaping up to be better than the last one. There are children who have joined to improve their times and to be in the national and Valencian Community minimum”. Díaz stressed that “we currently have four children in the Alevines pre-selection and one more who will participate in the Infantil Championship. We also have six kids in the Club who are being monitored by the Valencian Federation as all-round swimmers”. Training takes place every day, including Saturday, for each level;

Growing in Federated Schools

For his part, the Coordinator of the Lope de Vega Sports Club, Víctor Canelada, explained that “we continue in our line of betting on the sport 100% and we are growing at a good pace in the incorporation of the federated schools which are the ones competing.” In total, the College has about ten federated schools. “New this year is beach volleyball and beach tennis, we also have triathlon, competitive swimming, 8-a-side football, tennis, paddle tennis and touch tennis.
Canelada emphasised that “every season we have more disciplines and more boys and girls to be able to compete at a federated level, which is what many families in our region demand. Every year we are growing more and more. So everyone to practice sport is the best for the health of our young people.

Open to the whole Marina Baixa

The Sports Coordinator of the Lope de Vega International School wanted to point out that “we have our sports schools open to the whole Marina Baixa, to the whole region. For this reason, many of the disciplines are taught in the afternoon so that they can come and take advantage of our facilities and also, as a novelty this year, the parents of these students can use our gymnasium and swimming pool free of charge during the stipulated times”.
For more information about the Federated Schools “you have to go to the reception of the Lope de Vega School and sign up” concluded Canelada.

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